Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Talking Points for PA

Three Reasons

We Should

Oppose Clinton

By Tom Hayden

There are at least three talking points against the Clinton campaign that are both progressive and will resonate with voters, especially in Pennsylvania. These points are unlikely to be made by Barack, increasing the importance that activists take them up.

-Clinton and former President Clinton have falsified her 2002 position on the Iraq War. They claim that she voted for the 2002 authorization to strengthen President Bush’s diplomatic leverage, not to support an actual war. But her vote was on a bill which was entitled a war authorization.

-Clinton has falsified her support for NAFTA as First Lady, claiming that she privately opposed the agreement. But White House records show that she spoke at a closed function in favor of NAFTA at the White House. There is no written record in her autobiography or books written about her that proves she privately opposed NAFTA. Those who say she did are referring to her tactical questioning about Bill Clinton putting NAFTA ahead of her health care legislation.

-Clinton has falsified her Bosnia visit, saying she was under sniper fire, in order to exaggerate her national security credentials. In reality, this was her own Tonkin Gulf incident, entirely fabricated. The excuses that she “misspoke”, that she was tired, that she was 60 [Bill Clinton’s nutty statement], are all lies. She said she was under sniper fire at least twice, to national correspondents, in the daytime. We have seen enough examples of presidents manipulating our fears, and this episode reveals that she would be the next in a long line.

These are truly dangerous assertions for one who would be president. We should do everything we can to prevent a fooling of the voters on a massive scale on life-and-death issues that really matter to the voters.

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