Thursday, February 23, 2012

PDA Gathering Planning for 2012 and Beyond

‘Outside’ Changes the ‘Inside’

Dear Progressive voters

Dan O'Neal, PDA AZ State CoordinatorThis weekend PDA will hold our annual strategic retreat on the high mesas of northeastern Arizona. We will meet in the same state where our dedicated activists played such a critical role in the historic and successful recall election of former Senate leader and xenophobe Russell Pearce. Thank you, Arizona PDAers!

Donate to “Change Makes Change” to thank PDA for that great success!

When we met in Arizona a year ago, the labor fight in Wisconsin was in its early stages, the incredible Occupy Wall Street movement was nowhere in sight, and “austerity” was still the watchword of governments from Berlin to the Beltway.

So much has changed in this last year. Right-wing, anti-labor Republican Governors are on the defensive in state after state. “Inequality” has begun to replace “austerity” as an issue on the national agenda. Norman Solomon announced for Congress, and Elizabeth Warren for the Senate, and incredibly, Newt Gingrich attacked Mitt Romney for his vulture capitalist tendencies.

It’s been a great year to be a progressive activist. PDA has played a vital role, pursuing its inside/outside strategy, both marching in the streets and walking the halls of Congress to turn back the right wing tides.

PDA has kept up the pressure to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We have kept working in key states like California and Vermont and Massachusetts to promote single-payer health care. We’ve worked to overturn the horrible Citizens United ruling. We’ve demonstrated in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, and made phone calls and knocked on doors to elect progressive members of Congress.

Right now, we're focused on mobilizing the progressive vote in key primaries across the country. With your help, we hope to help elect six new progressive stalwarts to join our board members in Congress, but to do that we must raise $50,000 to hire two new field organizers. Will you join us in this historic effort?

Reform moments like this one don’t come along very often. PDA understands that, and we promise to do all we can to push an outside platform for change, while also promoting an inside agenda for reform. We could not do what we do without your volunteer hours, your donations and support, and your dedication to a better world.

Thanks for all you do for PDA,

Tim Carpenter, Executive Director

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