Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama's Target - Wrong Judgement, Wrong Facts

John McCain:
A Legacy of
Being Wrong

By VirginiaDem

Sat May 31, 2008 - It's seems like we've got a narrative building folks. John McCain is trumpeting his experience, but it seems like all he's done in this campaign is highlight how many times he's shown a lapse in judgment and a failure to understand the facts. And about serious subjects like Iraq, the economy, ethics, and his own damn words. Wrong judgment, wrong facts. The following is a list compiled just with a few minutes of web searching. If you know of others, add them in the comments.

-- Of course, the mother of all poor judgments: his vote to authorize a war that never should've been authorized and never should've been waged.

-- Declaring "Mission Accomplished" a bit too early, one of a number of blown judgment about the war.

-- Admitted to being wrong in voting against MLK day, and tried to blame it one not understanding the facts about MLK as a 50 year old man.

-- Displayed a lapse in judgment by allowing lobbyist to crawl all over his campaign, leading to a mid-campaign change in his policy on employing lobbyist and firing top officials mid-stream. (Of course, he's still wrong on this issue: still taking Washington lobbyist dollars and allowing Charlie Black and Phil Gramm to rule the roost).

-- Showed an basic failure to grasp key facts about Iraq: not knowing how Iran is allied in the nation and not even knowing how many troops we have there and the security needed for our top commander or for himself.

-- Amazing showed that he doesn't even know who would be responsible for "calling" for troop shifts in the region. (Hint:it's not Petraeus).

-- Has admitted to not having enough experience economic issues, and then wrongly claimed to have never admitted saying that he lacked such experience.

-- Recently claimed he didn't think we were heading into a recession and that people are doing better than they were eight years ago. Oops.

-- Has said privatization is necessary to preserve Social Security.

On issue after issue, fact after fact, judgment call after judgment call, McCain has been as wrong as rain.

[VirginiaDem's KOS version of this has links added to each bullet point, backing it up. Go to ]

1 comment:

Bill Baar said...

Social Security privatization is one issue where I think progressives have really dropped the ball.

The FICA tax is huge and regressive.

Talk to young workers and you realize they have no confidence in the system. Simply increasing FICA as we did in the 80s is no solution.

Turning the system into ownership accounts has a lot of possibilities and there is nothing unprogressive about that.

There are plenty of models out there and to just defend this crushing tax without thinking alternatives isn't progressive in my book (for what it's worth...)

I'm sure someone will comment on that worth.. but supporting the "as-is" here is inconsistent with the "change" message...

Americans smart enough to know changing anything means making mistakes... we gave the world John Dewey and pragmatism.. McCain's mistakes may make him look more the change agent than the more cautious Obama who is going to start executing the left-center move for the general.

Just some thoughts from the other side to ponder.


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